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Hello peeps!

It's been a month since I last blogged and It's probably the busiest month in my entire university life. I did a C1 Test (Goethe-Zertifikat for very advanced German skills - kinda like IELTS test only in German) and unexpectedly, I passed. Don't really know how or why, since all I had in mind during the test was: why the hell I'm here? To be honest, I didn't have a clue what the test would be like and I was so lazy that I skipped every single tutorial class we had... so it was an actual surprise I did really pass.

Anyway, this blog is about my Vietnam trip! I should first mention that we (Jew, my best friend and I) booked the flights last June, which makes it a year before we actually travel there but here is why: it's frigging cheap! The flights costed around 1,600 baht. We exchange 5,500 Thai baht into 130$ and 300,000vnd (which was about 500 baht...) each and that's all that covered our five-day trip!

The plan was to visit Ho Chi Minh City, the capital, Da Lat and then Mui Ne so I'm separating this blog in to three parts. This one is going to be about the capital, Ho Chi Mihn.

But where to start? I don't really know.

I mean we love Vietnam and all but Ho Chi Minh was probably our least favourite city in the trip. The city is waaaay too busy. There're motorcycles everywhere and driving rules just don't apply in the city... We come from the country that we believe is the worst when it comes to driving. But man, Vietnam is worse than us. The fact that they drive on the right side was confusing enough for us when we want to cross the streets but how they drive was worse. We genuinely thought we're going to be hit a hundred times that day, no kidding. We were like: what do we do? Where do we go? Although it was terrifying, after a while we learnt the trick.

Just cross, don't wait. I mean it. JUST FLIPPING WALK AND DON'T STOP and the drivers will find their way not to hit you. Yep, they will. At first I thought it'd only be like this in Ho Chi Minh, as it's the capital city, but nope, the whole country is like that. Well, once you get used to it, it's fine anyway but what we hated was the car honk sound... Gosh, it's so annoying that it nearly drove us insane. It's like they can't wait a second and want to race for the olympics and if you hear the sound in other countries you wouldn't a hundred per cent believe that it's a warning sign from the driver. You'd literally think there's an accident. In Vietnam, it's just how there warn each other on the roads. To be fair, it might be effective because they have less car accidents than in Thailand...

So, the first thing we did was buying a sim card. Well, it's unbelievably cheap and the internet might come in handy when we want to get around in the country, as most Vietnamese people don't speak English. I suggest you don't buy at the first counter you see, walk right to the last counter inside and the price will be double cheaper. We got 4G sim card (5GB) for 4.7$. Unfortunately I don't remember the company's name. We then hopped on the bus number 152 to get into the centre. Take the 152 and you'll pay only 5,000vnd, the other buses will cost you more than 10,000vnd.

After dropping our luggage at the hostel we booked only to take a shower (we're taking a sleeping bus to Da Lat leaving at 11.40pm) and bought the tickets to Da Lat, all we could think of was food. Our first meal was good and looked and also taste like Chinese food. Then our adventure began. We went to the War Remnant Museum, where we got to learn about the Vietnam War and how it affected the country and its people until today. There're some very graphic images of the war and the whole exhibition was quite intense. I have no clue if it's biased or not but it sure as heck made me feel sad so I don't know if it would be everyone's cup of tea.

It was raining by the time we left the museum but we decided to walked to the Notre Dame church anyway...only to find that it's closed due to some ceremony. It was basically not our day. We crossed the road to see the old Post office before going to Coffee Bean for some cake instead. We couldn't do much because of the rain so we just waited but it wouldn't stop. We had to walk back to the hostel in the rain, got change and waited again.

After a while, we went out to exchange our dollars to vnd and that, people, was the moment we had 2 million in our pockets lol. It then started to be a good day HA! We discovered a bakery shop by chance as we were trying to find something to eat. The place was called Tour les Jours and OH MY WORD, it was heaven! Not only the price was surprisingly cheap (for us anyway. It's actually still more expensive than other bakery shop), the taste of every pastry we bought was also everything I'd kill for. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures so I can't show you how nice the place was but I definitely recommend this to everyone who is going to Ho Chi Minh. You won't regret!

We ate in a local restaurant that evening and went to Fanny ice-cream shop for a little dessert before went back to the hostel (again) to take a shower and get into some comfy clothes for the ride to Da Lat. Vietnam didn't stop surprising me just then though, the sleeping bus was nothing like we imagined. It's actually a "sleeping bus" with seats that turn into beds. I remembered when we were asked whether we want first floor or second floor and we thought that the bus was a double decker so we chose second. Nope, it's a normal bus with bunk beds. Do I need to tell you how much we laughed about it when we found out? I literally felt like I was in Harry Potter's bus at some point. (You know, that in the third film?) I really wish I had some photos to show you.

So that rounds up our first day in Vietnam. The next blog is going to be a flipping long one with loads of photos! I don't know if this one is interesting for you because I almost didn't do anything lol. Don't get me wrong, I still love you, Vietnam! Please stay tuned for the next ones. They'll be up pretty damn soon!




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