Hey there,

I have recently been offered a place to study photography at York St. John University in England. A bachelor degree not a master because I can't really do a master in photography if I studied German, can I? To me, photography has been one of my absolute passions for so long. So I thought: why don't I just give it a try?

Not knowing how exactly a personal statement should be written, I wrote it. I asked my German lecturer to write a recommendation letter then applied through UCAS website and chose 5 universities. I remember telling myself, if I don't get it so okay, fine. But if I do get it... then I'll have to figure something out because my mum didn't know I was applying.

Who would have thought I would get in? I mean, seriously, 5 unis in the UK. Good God.

Turned out I did get in after all and was requested by 4 other unis to sent a portfolio, which I was not ready for. To be honest, I actually gave up because first, mum did not agree with the decision (what I exactly knew and can also see perfectly why) and second, I cannot really afford to study in the UK without a scholarship.

Then came an e-mail from University of Westminster, London, informing that I have been selected to send an e-portfolio for consideration to the course. The only university I was hoping to get in because there are several scholarships offered for oversea students.

I don't see why not send them a portfolio. I have nothing to lose after all.

Struggling with the heat of Thai summer, I wandered out in the city with a camera in my hand and these are what I got. I needed some new photos because the good ones I have are too old and it would be nice to have some photographic based project rather than a collection of single images.

The photos looked pretty nice as I took them but looking them in my computer now, I'm not quite sure anymore. I'll let you decide then.

Wish me luck!


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