Night market, friends, food and candy floss! Can't go wrong with those, can you?

I have been working so hard lately, too hard actually, on pretty much everything. My independent study, which ironically, is not so independent after all, since most of the things needs be exactly how my lecturer likes it anyway. Then I work on my portfolio, which is tiiiiime consuming, and my novels and lastly my blog, this very BLOG. And let's not mention I still have university to go to and assignments to be done. Honestly, I don't even know how I manage to do all that. I guess when you're doing the things you love, you're never tired and I love all of the things mentioned, except the independent study part...

Even though my lecturer said that what mattered the most now was our independent study and it's not the time to have fun anymore, a little night market stroll couldn't hurt, right?

I wasn't sure whether I should bring my camera or not, because it's just a pop-up night market where we've been to many times these past 4 years and we knew exactly there's gonna be food, music, clothes and so on. Now I'm glad I did bring my camera.

I love this kind of market, although, to be fair, I tend to spend more money here than at the week market we have inside the university. Well, luckily it's a pop-up market.

So that rounds up this week blog. Just a little update on what I've been up to. I can't promise just yet that there'll be a blog every week, for there's a lot going on at the moment. However, I can still say that at least there'll be a blog or two every month. Next month is gonna be a quite busy one, as everything is due and the final exams are around the corner AND it's my LAST month of university life...How crazy is that?

But hey, June is gonna be awesome because I'm going to Vietnam and the UK and possibly and hopefully, Germany. So stay tuned for that! And don't forget to check out my instagram: fernniz.k

PS. I should mention that some of the photos are taken by my friend, Wan. She's gonna get grumpy if I don't mention her lol. So Wan, thanks for the photos na ja. I love you jub jub ♡



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